About Fat Cat Crafts and Me the Fat Cat Crafter
Hello! Fat Cat Crafts was created and is run by me, Kathleen Schmid. I'm a Cleveland based company, but I ship world wide.

I love cats so I thought it would only be fitting if I created tubby cats with distinct personalities. And I'm always on the lookout for unique pincushions. So I combined the 2 and came up with Fat Cat Crafts. They're functional and fun!
My Etsy shop is filled with whimsical pincushion cats. Pick your favorite profession, activity, historical period costume, etc and I'll make it into a quirky cat.
All the items in my shop are handcrafted and made from my own patterns.


ROBERT gerard said...

great costumes!

ROBERT gerard said...


Fat Cat Crafts said...

Thanks so much Robert! I have a lot of fun making them!