Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Late Halloween Post: Halloween Costume

****This is an old entry from a few years ago but I decided to post it back up again due to it's popularity!**** And it's never too early to be planning your Halloween costume!

My Halloween costume for 2011: The "Late but Lucky" Dress variant from American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns computer game.

(Real Version from the computer game)

(My version. Yes, nowhere near as bad-ass looking as the original (and I ABSOLUTELY HATE taking pictures), but I'm still pleased with the outcome. This was by far the most complex costume I've ever attempted. And why I decided to make the jacket out of vinyl, I'll never know. And I only broke 2 needles while sewing this.)

This costume took a little less that 2 weeks to sew. Everything is made from scratch, including the hat/bunny ears. Except the black gloves. I ran out of time, and stamina, and just decided to take the easy route and buy them. This was my first attempt at a hat from scratch, so all in all, not terrible. I plan on my next one being awesome.

(Taken at the Brunswick Library where I work. It was a Halloween festival in the children's department that day. One of the activities for the kids was a costume parade where they get to parade around the library and show off their costumes. And the librarians asked me to lead the children around the library!)

(Me goofing off while trying to get decent pictures of the costume. I think my friend helping was getting ready to kill me. I'd say 75% of the pictures are of my dancing and making dumb faces.)

(At a Halloween party where I discovered a talent for beer pong. This was my first time playing, and I don't really drink beer, so it was a good thing I hardly missed. And I became the undefeated champion, to boot.)

Halloween is good!

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