Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wedding DIY List!

So it's somehow almost the end of May! So much has happened since I last wrote. We officially moved in and got the house, for the most part, situated. Though it did just flood in the basement last week due to an insane rain storm...but oh well, we didn't lose too much stuff. Made and sold lots of new Fat Cat Pincushions during the holiday season on my Etsy shop. Almost got me and my pincushions into a Superbowl commercial...unbelievable but true. Came so close to getting that spot but just missed it. But...I did get one of my pincushions in an Australian crafting magazine. Pretty cool! And have started the mad wedding planning hoopla. Which is mainly where I'm at now. October wedding so under 5 months to go...

We have a small budget for this wedding so the majority of the decor and such will be made by us. Such as:
      *Lots of decorated pumpkin décor
      *Memory table banner and display with pictures
      *Card box
      *Garlands/hanging paper décor
      *Bride and Groom Fat Cats
     *Spider web "Words of Wisdom" for the couple
      *Misc decor and anything else I can come up with

Though the first project I'm taking on is the guestbook. My mom found her old one from when she got married in the 60's. Which she forgot about so it was never used. I'm going to take that book, cover it in fabric and scrapbooking paper and make a fancy Halloween Wedding Guestbook.

As soon as I find some fabric, I'm starting. Pictures soon to follow...hopefully successful ones!

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