Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wedding on a Budget Breakdown...can we stay within our budget?

So my fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves, therefore we need to be a bit thrifty. But just because it's thrifty and a lot is going to be DIY doesn't mean that it's going to be any less classy and perfect!

We've saved up a little, not much, but we figured with the average cost of a wedding being around $30,000 we can do it with a third of that with a budget of $10,000. We plan on having 75-125 guests (we're really struggling with the guest list right now so those numbers keep changing) and the ceremony and reception will be at the same location.

 Here's my breakdown of what I hope to be spending on vendors and such:
       Bride's Apparel...10%...$1000
       Groom's Attire...1.25%...$125
       Photography...8.8%...$880 (Accomplished...that's what we're paying)
       Ceremony...1%...$100 (Accomplished...that's what we're paying)

 Granted these numbers are a work in progress since anything that goes under budget will be put towards something else to bring that percentage up higher. I'm not aiming to be under, as awesome as that would be, I just figure that it's going to be tough enough planning a wedding at that budget in the first place.

First smart move we did was decide on a Friday wedding. Though I will admit it was supposed to be a Saturday but we waited too long to get a place on a Saturday and all that was left were Fridays. But score, we got the venue for half off and the vendors we've been dealing with seem to also give Friday discounts!

We have an appointment with the florist on Saturday, and I'm determined to stay on budget with that. If I have to I'll get bouquets of just carnations. And we're not getting any floral centerpieces or decorations so that should save us some dough. 

But I'm already figuring in that the "Misc" category will be going over budget since that deals with all the decor we're making. But I've spent $9.66 on a whole ton of pumpkin seeds. And my mom has converted her upstairs spare bedroom into a mini greenhouse...and those little baby seedlings are actually growing! If they make it to end, we'll have lots of homegrown pumpkins to put around.

I have no idea what a tux/suit costs so I put the groom's attire pretty low, but that can very easily be wrong.

I'll keep you updated on my Halloween Wedding Planning Adventures! Cross your fingers and wish me luck! Only 150 days to go!

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