Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Goals

July didn't prove to be the most productive for me. So I'm going to really buckle down and get to work this month. I have big plans!

Etsy shop Goals: new stuff I'd like to list in my shop:
1. Librarian Cat Pincushion
2. Book Lover cat pincushion
3. Victorian cat pincushion
4. Hula Dancer cat pincushion,
5. Mermaid cat pincushion (or would it be Mer-Cat?)
6. Steampunk girl cat pincushion (2 color options)
7. Steampunk boy cat pincushion (2 color options)
8. Cat in a Dino Suit cat pincushion
9. Football Player cat pincushion (3 color options or pick your own)
10. Police Officer cat pincushion  (both genders)
11. Pilot cat pincushion (both genders)
12. Fall Fairy cat pincushion
13. Painter cat pincushion
14. Cowboy cat pincushion
15. 2 new kilt colors for the Scottish Bagpiper cat pincushion
16. 2 new skirt colors for the girl pig pincushion
17. Debut brand new item: Fat Cat fabric magnets!

Which one are YOU most interested in seeing???

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