Sunday, August 2, 2015

Handmade Felt Fox Pincushion

I got a new pincushion made! Even though it was no where near the list I had wanted to accomplish, I got something done. Yay!

My new fat fox pincushion! I really loved how this little tubby guy turned out. I was sorry to see him go...but he has gone on to him new forever home and he is loved. What more could I ask for!

This cute felt fox is a completely functional pincushion for sewers or can be used as a cool decorative piece. The majority of this pincushion was hand sewn. He, like all my other creations, is handcrafted and made from my own patterns.

 He stands approximately 5.25 inches (13.25 cms) tall and measures approximately 10.5 inches (26.75 cms) around the belly.

And if you prefer the more traditional sitting on all 4 paw position, that's available too!

To see this fox in my Etsy shop: Click HERE

And to see the homepage of my Etsy shop and all my pincushions: Click THIS ONE

Hope you liked him and there are many more new character to come this month!

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