Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Highlights - Costumes - Padme, Bellatrix and the Riddler

Second half of the 2015 recap - costumes!

 I really wanted to make a new Halloween costume last year but, like usual, it didn't get finished. I at least got the base completed. But it still needs all the details put in - the question marks specifically. So resolution: finish up my Riddler dress and wear it to a comic convention this year.

The original design:

 Constructing the bodice with my trusty Riddler pincushion for inspiration

First try on of the dress

 Sewn up purple petticoat for underneath

Dress and waistband sewn up - missing straps. The waistband is separate from the dress and laces up in the back

 Dress now with straps

Would you believe I found lime green flats that match perfectly???

I thought I was going to hate the wig, but it turned out really nice. And since I hate having things on my face, I decided to to the mask as a headband instead. I think I'm more of a Riddler groupie than a girl version of him. 

Messing around on Halloween watching "The Worst Witch"

Sad on Halloween because hardly any kids showed up...

There was another Star Wars Reads Day at the library so the Padme costume got taken out once more.

Got my mom to attend this year!

Awww, and she made a new friend!

 And I made some new friends, too

Yay Star Wars!

I'm tired...

And sticking with the Padme costume news, I found out many many months after the fact that my Star Wars Padme costume was shared on a Facebook Star Wars Fan page and got close to 2,000 likes!! Not bad for a self taught sewer who needed to sew up a Star Wars costume in a few days for a library event!

And there was a Harry Potter Birthday Bash, so Bellatrix got to make her appareance as well.

Bellatrix caught awares...

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