Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Some 2016 Goals

I tend to write up a huge list of goals/resolutions for a every year. Which I then separate into Personal, Health, and Fat Cat Crafts. And then they never get done. 

But nonetheless, I'm doing it again this year. So here are 10 from each category. I have many more, but thought listing more would be over-kill. Maybe writing them down and putting them out in the virtual world will help me keep them???

 1. Go swing dancing - I've wanted to for years so now is the time to do it!
 2. Take a road trip - I haven't gone anywhere for years, I think I deserve a vacation.
 3. Visit the West Side Market - A local farmer's market that everyone raves about.
 4. Get nose piercing - Something I've wanted for years much to the dismay of my mom...
 5. Finish my Riddler dress - At least the construction of the dress is already done!
 6. Attend a comic convention - Should be easy right?
 7. Wear my Riddler dress to that convention - Another easy one, right? 
 8. Make a Halloween costume - Possibly from Hocus Pocus.
 9. Make a Padme DIY costume tutorial - Which I get asked a lot how I made that costume.
 10. Make a Bellatrix DIY costume tutorial - Mostly for the lace-up sleeves.

 1. Go to the eye doctor - It's been wayyy too long since my last visit.
 2. Establish daily healthy eating habits - Should have already been done.
 3. Establish daily routine exercises - Yeah, another one that should have already been done.
 4. Start running - Not really looking forward to this one but my cardio is really bad.
 5. Be able to run a full 3 miles without passing out - If I can master this I'll be thrilled
 6. Be able to hold a handstand for a full 30 seconds - Used to be simple when I was a kid.
 7. Get 6 pack abs - Because this is my dream list so why not!
 8. Make it to the top of a rock wall (indoor) - Must strengthen up wrists, Lupus sucks.
 9. Make it to the top of a real rock - Still strengthening wrists but in a nicer scenery.
 10. Do Scorpion pose - Don't do yoga but I'll aim for one of the hardest positions. Why not!

Fat Cat Crafts
 1. Completely organize sewing room - Should have been done YEARS ago!!
 2. Post up various new non-pincushion items - I need to branch out from pincushions.
 3. Retake all poor product pictures - And sadly, there's a lot of poor pictures.
 4. Add in color more choices for basic cat ribbons and skirts - More choices are good right!
 5. Organize product computer picture file folders - My picture folders are out of control!
 6. Sell at a large juried craft fair - Never done it, so figured it would be a good experience.
 7. Stock-pile pieces for Christmas - Just a smart idea.
 8. Be featured in a magazine - I was featured in one last year so I may as well hope for another!
 9. Get my pincushions sold a shop - Branching out is good.
 10. Sell to all 50 states - I can dream right!

And there we go: some of my to-do list for 2016! Stay turned throughout the year for blog posts to see how well, or poorly, I do!

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