Monday, June 13, 2016

Sewing Room Organization - on a budget! - The felt fabric corner

I'm happy to report that I'm FINALLY starting on my sewing room redesign! 

The goal: 
**To completely reorganize everything in my room and probably move around the furniture. 
**To find a space for my new embroidery machine.
**To put up artwork and other stuff I find visually inspiring.
**To keep my room neat and tidy. I need to be able to actually find what I'm looking for.
**To have my dream sewing room!
**And do it all on a budget. Reuse or refurbish anything you can.

First up, the felt fabric area! And I'm only talking about the 9 x 12 sheets of felt, not the ones cut off the bolt. Those I have hanging in my closet. But these sheets now have taken on a life of their own. It started out not too bad since I didn't have too many colors. So I just made something out of those metal cube things. 

But that fast became not too convenient anymore. 

So I got a scrapbooking tower, which proved perfect...for awhile. 

But then I got more colors and didn't have enough shelves or width in those shelves. 

And then comes my sister to the rescue who saved these 2 office paper dividers from the trash! Mine!

 See the huge pile of fabric on top? Yeah, I'm a fabric hoarder and I'm OK with that.

And they turned out to be the perfect fit for my felts!! All colors can be separated with plenty of room in each space for lots of sheets. And I still have some free spaces on the last 7 or so slots that I just filled with random patterned sheets that I've never used, but were too fun not to buy. 

Perfect size fabric organizer that are free! What can be better than that??

Price tally:
**2 office paper dividers saved from the trash - $0

Off to a good start! 

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