Monday, June 13, 2016

Sewing Room Organization - on a budget! - The pipe cleaners

Part 2 of the sewing room makeover!

The goal: 
**To completely reorganize everything in my room and probably move around the furniture. 
**To find a space for my new embroidery machine.
**To put up artwork and other stuff I find visually inspiring.
**To keep my room neat and tidy. I need to be able to actually find what I'm looking for.
**To have my dream sewing room!
**And do it all on a budget. Reuse or refurbish anything you can.

Next up: the pipe cleaner area.
For some reason, I've acquired a ton of pipe cleaners in various colors and sizes. I do use some pipe cleaners in my Fat Cat pincushion designs, but nowhere as many as what I have. So I needed some sort of storage case and/or divider. My overflowing boxes were no longer working. 

So as I was pouring my oatmeal out of my container one day, a brilliant idea filled my mind. OATMEAL CONTAINERS!! Since I eat oatmeal everyday I have a ton of empty containers in my recycling bag. Plus I eat a lot of it so I'll get more empty ones soon. Oatmeal containers are going to be the base for my pipe cleaner case. Now how to separate the different colors and sizes? And what's something I already have? Empty paper towel rolls! 5 rolls fit nicely in an oatmeal container. Yay! I figured out the first part!

Now where will they go? Putting them on a shelf will take up space but it's doable. But I saw that I had a bit of space in between my two shelving units.

What would fit in there? I bet one of those hanging shoe dividers would! And it did! And an oatmeal container fits perfectly in a cube! Wow, this is all working out pretty nicely! 

So with some extra PVC piping, a brace was made to hold it in between the two shelving units.


And I'm going to have some extra space on the bottom so I threw in my few skeins of yarn I have. 
Though ignore everything to the right of that - I haven't gotten to that part of the room yet...

So far this is turning out pretty easy! And I feel so accomplished. Though the next part will be challenging: the ribbon/trim and pattern wall. Stay tuned! 

Price tally:
**2 office paper dividers saved from the trash - $0
**Hanging shoe divider - $6.00 
 **Oatmeal containers - I'm counting those as free since I ate all the oatmeal
**Paper towel rolls - also counting as free

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