Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sewing Room Organization - on a budget! - The supply wall

 Part 3 of the sewing room makeover!

The goal: 
**To completely reorganize everything in my room and probably move around the furniture. 
**To find a space for my new embroidery machine.
**To put up artwork and other stuff I find visually inspiring.
**To keep my room neat and tidy. I need to be able to actually find what I'm looking for.
**To have my dream sewing room!
**And do it all on a budget. Reuse or refurbish anything you can.

Next up: the dreaded sewing supply wall.
There's a lot of parts to this process so it's not quite done right now. But there's a huge great start to it!
I have a blank wall which I decided is going to be the home for my small dry erase board which I will keep tabs on what supplies are getting low. Along with getting my ribbons, lace and various other trims and patterns up there as well. 
So first things first. Gotta map out what's going where. OK done. Easy part over.
 Now let's get this stuff up on the walls!
Got the dry erase board up, nothing really to say about that part. 
What I decided to use for the ribbon racks was one of those CD towers. It had been unused for years and just taking up space in my corner. So I took it apart, put some screws in the wall and hug the 2 pieces up there.  

I tended to stuff my trims in any container or bag I could find. Which was never very efficient when trying to find something. 
I have these rotating cup holder things. I had gotten them at Costco years ago with the intention for this. But never got them into the cups and never got the devices up on the wall. Until now! How they're color coded and organized by style!

A few years back I started putting all my patterns into labeled ziplock bags. Which was great, but since I start a new pattern bags for every different pincushion I make, I have close to 100 bags, I had no where to put them so I could easily find which one I needed. 
Decided I needed them up on a wall with clips so I can easily detach which one I need. So a PVC pipe will do. Though I see I need to get a third middle brace as well but that's an easy fix. 
Getting the actual devices/racks up on the wall wasn't too bad, but trying to sort through years of supplies and properly organize them was not. 

Price tally:
**2 office paper dividers/Felt dividers - saved from the trash - $0
**Hanging shoe divider - $6.00 
 **Oatmeal containers/Pipe cleaner organizer - counting those as free since I ate all the oatmeal $0
**Paper towel rolls/Pipe cleaner organizer - also counting as free $0
**CD tower/Ribbon racks - already had - $0
**Rotating cups/Trim organizer - already had - $0
**PVC piping and random screws, nails, supports - $7.00
**Dry erase board - $4.00

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