Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Highlights - Pincushions and Personal Acheivements

Another year already??? And once again I didn't post up anything in the second half of the year. New year's resolution: keep up with this blog this year - must blog at least 2 times a week. That's doable, right??

I'm going to post up some highlights from the later half of 2015 though I'm going to divide my recap into two post. First (and this one) will deal with pincushions and random personal achievements. And the second one will focus on costumes and library events, which goes falls into the costume category. 

So here we go - new pincushions! 

I did a skeleton cat who is now one of my personal favorites,

an elf pair,

a fancy customized beagle-ish dog that I was really sad ship out...I wanted to keep him,

a customized zombie cat in our library branch manager's likeness who retired,

 some smaller sized cats for a hanging mobile

 and a team of tennis players

And Viking Cat Olav the Orange managed to become famous by getting featured in "Ohio Magazine". Way to go Olav!

On the personal side, an achievement I completed was the Cleveland Browns 5K. I missed the Bernie Shuffle the previous year so I was NOT going to miss this one! I only walked it, no running, but for an out of shape girl with a lot of pain and swelling from Lupus, I'll take that as success! Plus the medal we received was AWESOME!! Though, this motivated me to want to actually complete a race like this with running. Resolution: start jogging and build up to completing a race.

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