Monday, June 9, 2014

Halloween Bride's Wedding Accessories!

The fun part has arrived...I've started buying for my wedding attire! I will not be posting my dress up here until after the wedding, but I will say I got it at an amazing wedding dress shop in New Jersey: Wedding Dress Fantasy. I did not go over to that state to order, I'm in Ohio, so I ordered it online, without trying it on.Which a bunch of people think I'm crazy for doing. But I used to work at a bridal shop at one point, so I knew how to measure myself and what shapes look good on my frame. Plus I emailed the designer a couple of times, watched her YouTube videos, stalked her page on Facebook, read all her reviews on her website and Etsy shop, and feel 100% confident in my decision to order this dress. Simple fact is, the dress I've always dreamed about was not going to exist in any bridal shop in my area. THIS dress is my dress and it will be perfect. But I will go ahead and say that it's a classic shaped white and black dress and mom approved!

Shoes: I got these "Funtasma by Pleaser Women's Dame- 115"granny style lace-up boots at Amazon. I found a pair in my size (I'm normally a 6.5 but this style doesn't have half sizes and the reviews said to size up so I went for a 7) that had the 'Used- Like New' condition so I got them at more than 50% off! Great deal in my book! They have a lower heel, which is what I was looking for and lace side panels. Perfect for my Halloween style wedding!
 (I have not received them yet, due to Fed Ex constantly shifting the estimated arrive by date and going unneeded all over the country. Going off of my tracking, a few days ago they were in my state but today they're in a different one. So this is the stock picture off of Amazon. I'll post some pictures when I get them.)
Click HERE to see the shoes

Necklace: I got this beautiful black lace necklace from Etsy at "Joola Design Studio". I love it! It's delicate and has great amount of detail work out into it with an adjustable chain so I can decide the placement of the necklace. This will look stunning with the dress!
(I promise this picture does NOT do this necklace justice! I'll take some better pictures on a not-so-gloomy day)
Click HERE to see the necklace
Click HERE to see her full Etsy shop

I did buy a second necklace from another Etsy shop, "CBC Boutique" because it was just a fun necklace! Going still with the delicate lace theme, it's a gorgeous lace bat on a black tie ribbon. Again, I get to decide how low the bat falls because of the tie ribbon. This bat comes in black, red or a fun glow in the dark option. I don't plan on wearing this to the ceremony, but it might get switched out at some point at the reception or I'll wear it to the rehearsal dinner. Either way, it was just too fun of a necklace to pass up.
(Again, sorry for the not-so-great picture. Delicate black lace and overcast days don't mix well I guess)
Click HERE to see the necklace
Click HERE to see her full Etsy shop

Thigh Highs: I've been eying these for awhile now at "Sock Dreams". But they started to go low in their stock of this specific style and when I saw the notification of only 2 left I jumped on them! They are now out of stock, but they might come back! Thin black pinstripe with a bow on top. Classic and perfect for the wedding attire! Plus everything has free shipping!
(In case I need to say it...these are not my legs, this is the packaging...)
Click HERE to see the thigh highs
Click HERE to see the full online shop

For the Groom: I bought this pin from a third Etsy shop, "Holly Pop Love". I will not be including this in my attire but it will be going in the groom's somewhere! Possibly in his boutineer, which he plans on making for himself and his 2 best-men/brothers. This is his favorite vintage Halloween picture so I knew I had to pick one up for him. Plus this item had free shipping, too! This item does not seem to have been restocked up in her Etsy shop, but there are plenty of other goodies to look at.
Click HERE to see her full Etsy shop

Gift from an awesome friend: a skeleton something blue! I'm thinking I will be incorporating this into my hairpiece, when I either make or buy one. Going off the packaging this looks to be bought from an online shop "Back to Classic Designs"
Click HERE to see the full online shop

So the shoes, 2 necklaces, thigh highs and pin cost me about $70 which does include the shipping costs. But I got to admit, I love that I'm buying a bunch of my stuff through Etsy or other smaller businesses, minus Amazon. I feel like I'm supporting my fellow handmade crafters and their this is working out perfectly!

My accessories are almost complete! I still need something for my hair, a second pair of black flat shoes for the reception, which I will be getting at a local resale shop and probably adding some Halloween ribbons or something to them and possibly bracelet/cuffs. My attire is just about done. Now I just have to wait patiently for my dress to arrive so I can try everything on together...Sigh.

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