Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Shoes!

Yay, my package made it's way back to Ohio and was delivered today! Which means...I got my wedding shoes!

So for a recap, I bought a pair of "Used-Like New" condition from Amazon. They are black lace-up granny style boots with lace panels on the side. They have a pretty low heel, which is what I was looking for. And since they were in used condition I got them for over 50% off.

Well I gotta say, these don't look used at all! Not even a scuff on the bottom. I'm figuring someone bought them, tried them on and then instantly returned them? Either way I don't care, they're perfect! Going off of the reviews, and since there weren't half sizes, I went up to the next full size: a 7. To me, they feel a little big length-wise, but they also feel on the narrow-side, so I think it was a wise choice going up instead of down. I will say that they are insanely slippery on the sole so I will need to scratch them up a bit or get something to cover the bottoms with. Don't want me falling down on my butt on my wedding day now do we??

And yes I am wearing my awesome pinstripe thigh highs to get the full effect!  Now granted, again, not the best pictures due to me trying to take the pictures myself since I didn't want any help from my fiance because I don't want him seeing them. Don't worry...he never looks at my blog!

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