Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wedding Flowers...part 2...Artificial vs Real

I know in one of my earlier posts, I went to the florists and the flowers quoted was within my budget. Slightly under to be exact. But then I started thinking about maybe making my own bouquets out of silk flowers instead to help cut costs even more.

I went through my priorities of elements/decor/etc. and floral was at the bottom of my list. I wanted a bridal bouquet, 2 bridesmaid bouquets, 2 mother of wrist corsages, 1 grandmother of corsage, 2 ring bearer boutineers and 1 officiate boutineer. My fiance had already planned on making "special" boutineers for his groomsmen and for the flower girl escort (flower girl's 6 year old brother) and the flower girl basket we already planned on making.

I know my bridesmaids (sisters), the officiant (my brother-in-law), the ring bearers (my nephews) and myself wouldn't care about fake flowers. The only few that I would feel bad about making were for the moms and grandmother. I feel like they should get something a bit more fancy. I guess I could always make the bouquets and just pay the little bit for fancy wrist corsages for the moms and grandmother.

Though this does mean that I'll have more projects to do. But it also means I have more creativity and freedom with making them. Looks like I will be pricing some flowers/supplies and I have some thinking to do!

Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone who has made their own wedding bouquets??

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