Saturday, August 31, 2013

House Update!

So we got our house...officially! We got the keys a little over a week ago and my fiance, my mom and I have been hard at work scrubbing everything down and painting every room. And I feel like I have hardly anything to show for it. I've painted the ceilings of my sewing room and my fiance's room, painted my sewing room, tore down the dining room wall paper, spackled the bedroom and completely cleaned the kitchen area along with unpacking all the dishes, cups, etc. Still soooooo much to do. The goal was to move in mid-September, after everything was completely painted but right now I feel like that's never going to happen.
(Front entry way)

(Living room and fireplace area)

(Me triumphant after getting the last of the glued down contact paper out of the kitchen cabinets)

(My sparkling clean kitchen)

(My very bright green sewing room)

(My fiance's room color that is called "gray squirrel". So I painted a squirrel onto his wall in his gray color)

(My fiance and I as our first official day as homeowners)

More pictures to come!

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