Monday, August 5, 2013

Introduction- Hello!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog posting! I will warn everyone right off the bat...I ramble. When I get excited, which is often, I will go on for a bit about nothing.

Now that the forewarning is out in the open, let me introduce myself. I'm Kathleen, I live in Ohio and I'm a bit of a nut. I tend to get way too overzealous with my projects and take on much more than time, or my skill levels, allows. But I try anyways and that's what counts right!
(In case you weren't sure, that's me)

With that being said let me tell you a bit about my many projects and events that I will be discussing in this blog. First and foremost, I am a crafter. Love crafts, love reading about craft projects, love hearing about other people's projects, love fabric, love sewing. I have an online Etsy shop/hobby selling fat cat pincushions, which I'd love to turn into a full-time business. (If you've never heard of Etsy let me explain it real fast. It's like Ebay for crafters. Every crafter has their own storefront within the Etsy website.) This takes up the majority of my free time. So many cats to make, so little time. I started making these about 5 years ago and they have pretty much taken on a life of their own now. They started out as just a basic felt cat with no clothes, personality, etc. Now some have paint and clay and jewelry worked into the design. I do still try to keep as much felt into the characters as possible so that they are still functioning pincushions. I'm most proud of the ones that the supplies used are 100% felt. It's amazing what you can do with felt! I'm also always on Facebook with the latest news, info.
(My Star Wars Cat Pincushion that made it to the front page of that Cheezburger site)
(Batman VS Jack Sparrow)

But for now I'm part library circulation clerk and part fat cat pincushion crafter. Outside of my Fat Cats, I attempt all other sorts of crafts which I will admit it's a 50/50 shot whether or not it'll come out right. But I still enjoy the process. Costume making is a biiiiiigggg deal for me. Love love LOVE making costumes. Though let me point out I am a self taught sewer therefore I am by no means an expert on sewing. I tend to just keep trying out patterns I make or techniques that I think might work until it comes out looking how I want it to. Which is where my library job helps feeds my addiction. And gives me an excuse to buy more fabric and practice. I get to make costumes for the events and walk around taking pictures with people. If only there were events everyday...
(Star Wars 'May the Fourth Be With You' library event- I was Padme)
 (Cats costume a friend for Pet Palooza library event)
 (TARDIS dress for a Doctor Who library event- sadly I didn't finish the bottom portion/panels of my dress)
(Spooky Saturday at the library- me as Max from my favorite childhood book 'Where the Wild Things Are' and my poor mom that showed up to the library that day)

Another big deal is my boyfriend of about 12 years asked me to marry him and we are planning a wedding for October 2014. 
(Oh doesn't he look so happy to be marrying me...)

A Halloween wedding to be more specific. And I'm not talking about gory monster zombie Halloween. We're talking classic vintage Halloween, back when Halloween was about customs and harvest. Lots and lots of pumpkins will be seen. And we're both more DIY people so as much as we can do ourselves we will. And we're on a small budget so we have to do as much as possible to save money. And I've become crazy with Pinterest and started a wedding and a whole ton of other boards. So if you like Halloween and decorations, stay tuned because I'll have lots of Halloween stuff to show!
(Our pumpkins from last year- I did the bat one on the left)

And going with the wedding we bought a house. Yay! Which we'll be moving into in a few weeks. Too bad I'm a pack rat and I haven't even started packing. I'm good like that. Procrastination in my middle name! So me, my fiance, my little tortie cat:
and his monster 30 pound black beast of a cat:
will be moving in together. We'll be like one big happy family, even though my cat hates his cat. And I'm hoping that once we move in and establish a lifestyle I'll take up some cooking. Or maybe the correct phrasing will be, I'll have to learn to cook. I'm a terrible eater. I only really want pastry and bread. 
(Me with lots of pastry at a craft fair)

 So anyone with some good yummy, but EASY, recipes, feel free send them to me. Please. I probably need all the help I can get. I do have a nice pumpkin apron I can wear!

Randon fact: I'm obsessed with my Keurig maker.

Let's see, what else. Covered Fat Cats on Etsy, other random crafting, costumes, wedding, Halloween, moving into a house, cooking. Oh yes! My love of Buster Keaton and classic movies. Movies in general, too but my biggest love is Buster Keaton. 

(Scene from 'The General")

If you don't know who he is...shame on you. Go watch one of his movies, I dare you to not be impressed with his awesomeness. If anyone is seriously interested in seeing one of his movies, I'd start with "Sherlock Jr.". It's 45 minutes of pure joy. It has a great mix of what made him, the Great Stoneface, truly amazing: insane stuntwork, way-ahead-of-it's-time camerawork, fast moving plot and along with 2 unbelievable tricks near the end. 
(This leading up to one of the two unbelievable tricks)

I've even converted my mom into a Buster Keaton lover. I bet I could convert you as well.

(Favorite picture of him)

So yeah, those are pretty much the basics. I plan to cover anything that comes up in my life, but those topics listed above will probably be the most discussed. I hope some are you will be interested enough to follow my blog and get to know me a little better. I plan for a fun, interact blog. It'll get pretty boring if I'm just writing to myself. So comments, suggestions, questions are good! Thanks for reading and goodnight for now. I'll see you again soon...



Sylvia said...

I follow you on Facebook and Etsy :) I also have an Etsy shop. One of the things I sew are owl plushies dressed up as characters, so I'm really loving your cats! Love the Tardis inspired costume...awesome! Congrats on your blog!

Kathleen said...

Hi Sylvia! Your Etsy shop is Sylvia Loves Pink, right? I love those owls!

And thank you, I was quite proud of that Tardis dress! I'm mad that I didn't get to finish everything that I had in the original design, though. But I guess that's what I get for waiting until the last minute and only giving myself 2 days of sewing time for it. I'll finish it up at some point!