Monday, August 19, 2013

So, unfortunately, my fiance is having issues with mortgage broker for the house. We were supposed to be closing and getting our keys Wednesday and find out today that he forgot to get a form so that's been pushed back to Thursday. This guy really has been a nightmare for the last month and a half. Hopefully all will go good from now on and we'll actually close on Thursday. I really want to start painting and setting up my sewing room! I plan on painting it a nice cheery green.

And I've tarted packing up all my kitchen stuff and forgot about how many random appliances/party stuff I have. I found a juicer, a smoothie maker, a fondue pot, a waffle maker, a cake dome, 2 punch bowls, a small and big cupcake tower, a chocolate fountain, a wok and a bamboo steamer. And I can't seem to part with any of it.

Somehow in the midst of frantic packing, I've even managed to make some new pincushion cats:

(R2D2 Cat Pincushion)

(Side view of R2D2 Cat)

(Help me Obi Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!)

 (Dorothy and Toto Cat Pincushion)
 (Made the silver slipper option as well as the ruby)
(I'll get you my pretty! And your little cat, too!)

I think Dorothy will be my last pincushion until after the move. I can't wait to post pictures of my new house up! Bye for now!

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Another Etsy Seller said...

Ohmygosh these are so incredibly cool. But after I checked out our Etsy shop, I really felt you could charge at least double what you are for them. They are so detailed and cute, people would be more than willing to pay a fair price for them!

If you are looking to make this your full-time business, the best advice I can give you, would be to read/watch/download everything on this page:

Of course, photography, marketing, branding, packaging, tagging, and all the stuff is worth learning about too. But you MUST price properly early on, or you might get burnt out and discouraged. (Happened to me when I was first selling my beautiful work for a pittance--and people would STILL request a discount. Now that I've upped them fairly, no one does that anymore.)

I wish you success. :)