Saturday, August 10, 2013

R2D2 Cat Pincushion- somewhat...

Today's agenda was working on pincushion cats only. I decided to not do any packing, cleaning, etc and just focus on one task today. Felt pretty good actually.

I got a bunch of bases and patterns cut out, so nothing too exciting to show there. But I did get a good bit done on my R2D2 Cat. 

His body pieces are just pinned on right now and I haven't even started on the head area, but this at least gives me a good idea of what he'll look like in the final product.
And in between my sewing breaks, I ate donuts and watched, for the first time, that worst tattoo show, not sure what it's actually called. That show where people come in with awful tattoos and want to get cover-ups. But I did find it pretty entertaining! Moral of the story: don't get drunk or have your wannabe tattoo artist friends tattoo you for free people!!

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